“The documentary will impact people deeply. It shows the prophetic nature of the Church's teaching on human sexuality! It will challenge many. I think it has the power to change lives.”

~ Jake Samour

Director, Office of Marriage and Family Life
Catholic Diocese of Wichita

A refreshing approach to the crisis of sexual morality facing our society. The impressive cinematography and musical score, including songs by Alana herself, make the topic accessible to a wide range of audiences. “Sexual Revolution: 50 years after Humanae Vitae” is a beautifully executed documentary with a clear message and definitely worth the watch.


[Sexual Revolution] brings in familiar specialists for accounts of what happened, follows timelines connected to key players, and brings to light results with concise and priceless insights.

~ National Catholic Register

"The most life changing and informative story about the evolution of the contraceptive pill and the Billings NFP method. As a Pro Life Napro Technology trained OB/GYN I enjoyed every moment of it!"

~ Monique Ruberu MD, FACOG

Author of “Rising with Roses: A Story of Renewal and Lessons Learned”

"A must see!"

~ The Bismarck Tribune

This film is a clear exposition of the dark origins of the Pill, as well as its bright humanitarian alternative, the Billings Ovulation method, which kicked off an era of natural family planning. Catholics will find here a treasure of voices, historical film footage, and visual images to help heal our culture of its birth control wounds.

~ Ana Samuel, PhD

Academic Director - Canavox