EWTN Pro-Life Weekly – Aug 9, 2018

EWTN Pro-Life Weekly

Catherine Hadro interviews Alana Newman and Daniel diSilva about the new film “Sexual Revolution: 50 Years Since Humanae Vitae”

Alana Newman on EWTN's Pro Life Weekly

“I absolutely converted because I discovered how evil contraception was, and that is why I entered the Church.  Because if Catholics were the only people to get this question right, I wanted to know what else they were right about.”

– Alana Newman, Narrator

Watch the segment here: https://youtu.be/PUReQaJTx9w?t=1401

Narrator, Alana Newman, and director, Daniel diSilva, discuss the impact of Humanae Vitae and the new documentary bringing to light the failures of the sexual revolution and the beauty and hope to be found in the Church’s teaching on love, sex, and marriage.


Daniel diSilva on EWTN's Pro Life Weekly

Whether you want to debate this issue, or whether you want to watch the debate, this is an important film.

– Daniel diSilva, Director

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